Time to level up your kink! 

Whether you play in the bedroom or a dungeon, everyone likes to push limits and explore new depths. Do it safely with training! This will *not* flow like a regular scene, as there are lots of stops and starts as we go!


Essentially an informal, up close and personal workshop. For an idea of topics, check out My "workshops" page. Each workshop can be tailored to a set of Training Sessions. I work with you (and your partner) to improve skills, technique, and safety. We can work on setting up a scene, maintaining flow, coaxing the sub into subspace, and how to keep them there. After, we look at how to take care of them to ensure we don't break our toys!


We talk about what interests you in BDSM so that we can tailor scenes specifically to trigger the "happy responses".  I work with you to maximize what you already have, at the level you are now, to take you where you want to be.


This is a learning situation for pairs, please bring a top/bottom with you. A service Top/bottom can be provided for an additional fee, but it really is best to bring your regular partner.

One hour per Session

4-pack 1-hour Sessions (recommended) $500

(with "homework")

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