So, you wanna get your kink on? There are many kinky ways to ethically live your kinky life. Meet Miss Kelicious (Miss K).

Miss K has sought out Masters and Dominatrices across North America to hone her abilities as a highly-skilled edge player within Her chosen services. With a focus on extended bondage, erotic chomping, anal non-destruction destruction and extreme CBT, She has amassed a unique take on all things Sadistic. There are few in the world who possess her individual specific skills, and even less who have mastered them all. A truly Professional Sadist. Her Dungeon, 40 lashes less one, is geared physically and emotionally to take you to the edge.

Are you ready to get your kink on at 40 lashes less one?

$150 "taster" services (30-minute visit, no D/s) (~15-20 mins play)

Taste of Prostate Milking



Offered for centuries as a men's health must-have, some anecdotal references say a monthly prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 30%! Even if that's all malarky, what can it hurt to have some skilled digits massaging your walnut? Again, no D/s, no deep anal play, just a milked prostate with lube and gloves.

Taste of Sounding



Originally used for stimulating the prostate via urethra, sounding (or urethral stretching) has become a highly sought after skill for those who are properly trained. I use a combination of Hegar and other sounds, as Hegar are known for their dilation usage. Not for the faint of heart, as sounds, when properly used, can reach as far as your bladder.

Taste of E-Stim



Electrical play, whether TENS, PES or Violet Wand is a personal favorite. Spend some time in a high-voltage experience. If your interest is piqued by all thins electrical, stimulate your curiosity with a quick taste of a shocking experience. Wile often used in a CBT setting, electrical play can tantalize any part of the body. Come, feel the heat.

Taste of Spanking

Over the knee, over the bed, bare ass or over panties. you arrive, you Tribute, you get spanked and you leave. Usually about 30 minutes of spanking. you are there to get what's coming. Trust that I don't break My toys (yes, that's you) and will push to your body's capacity and no further.  Don't worry about stopping, just live in the moment. *will leave marks*

Looking for a little more? you can also book hourly Sessions? Submit yourself to Miss K in a longer, Full Ds Session. We begin with a brief chat, reinstating consent, we talk about the implements that will be used and clarify any medical issues. After this, you will strip and be cuffed or collared, depending on the type of Session. Afterwards, you will be allowed some time to recuperate, get your bearings, get dressed and be on your way.

Remember: This is NOT a sexual scene. Anything ending in "-job" is clearly off the table. I am a Professional Dominatrix, not a prostidomme. I remain fully clothed at all times. I do not dress in kink or fetish-wear. I wear street or near-street clothing.





you offer yourself to Miss K. Completely. you are Hers for the duration. you may be there for some impact play, some CBT or to train your little fuckhole to take her fist. Usually, little sluts and subs tend to squirm, so some bondage is needed. Cuffs are mandatory, for that is what ends "you" and starts "Hers". your submission is inevitable

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