Do you do it with your socks on?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Baby, it's cold outside! With weekend #YYC temps threatening to be frozen white, it only makes sense that Our thoughts are seeking to heat things up.

#CFNM is one thing, but what if you aren't blessed enough to live in temperate climates, and the -40 degree weather sets a chill in your bones that would cause polar bears to retreat to their dens? How about some winter tips to chase the chill from Our #kinky scenes.

Warm your parts

#CFNM can still be an effective FLR dynamic while allowing the pathetic male to wear socks. Try some sexy pink or add a bit of lace trim to add a #sissification layer to the scene.

Socks can keep that warmth in, while still allowing the kneeling naked male to Serve.

Feel free to add a penis warmer to the scene. Adorable little hats on those little #sissy clitties help disguise the male ugliness. Even while locked in #chastity, these little bonnets can beautify the bone. Remember not to drip, as moisture held against the skin just defeats the purpose!

Penis warmers are adorable little bonnets for their adorable little peepee!

Don't forget a good hood can keep the body warmth from escaping, delaying the onset of hypothermia. I suggest something with substance, and full head coverage!

Crank up the carbs

Take time to hydrate throughout your naked days, and when especially chilled, increase your carb intake for that quick burst of energy. #Watersports are a perfect combination, as urine has been proven to contain carbs. Plus, drinking the juices of your #Goddess can only bring you closer to redemption for being a pathetic male in the first place.

Get out of the cold

Earn the privilege of resting in a confinement chamber, sense dep room or body bag. Going somewhere that your body heat can work for you is a great option, so do exactly as Mistress demands and if you are lucky, She just may lock you up.

Body bags are a great way to conserve that valuable body heat!

Move your body to warm your core

This is a no brainer. Movement produces energy, and energy produces warmth. Do tasks around the #Dungeon for Her. Clean Her baseboards, wash Her floors. Serve in any way She deems you worthy of.

Good little sluts keep warm by serving. The smaller the cleaning tool, the more movement you get to do! Thank your Mistress

No matter how your Domme allows you to warm, know that you only exist to please Her. If you are to be cold and uncomfortable, that is Her prerogative. your pathetic existence is at Her whim.


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Miss Kelicious is an author, lifestyle Domina, Professional Dominatrix and relationship/life coach currently located in Calgary, Alberta. Polyamorous, kinky and queer, Miss K is an author, educator and facilitator.

Her kink skills have been honed across North America through workshops, Mentorships and personal training by many well-known Dominatrices and Masters. She seeks excellence in all She does, and favors the edgier side of play.

Born poly, it took a few relationships to tease out society's training of who you "should be" to arrive at who She Is. Skills learned at the feet of masters in Energy Healing, therapists, educators and communication specialists, if you open yourself to Her, you will succeed.

Identifying as Non-Binary Femme, pronouns are She/Her or They/Them.