"Experienced sub looking..."

Hey folx. Sorry for the extended writing break. I got way too distracted on other projects! But thanks to some really pathetic subbies, I was wholly and completely inspired to write today. Because what. the. absolute. fuck!

I shit you not. Actual words in a "lfD" post:

"I'm fairly experienced and haven't met a hard limit yet. Looking for someone to show me my limits!"


"I have never met a Domme who could push me. I want someone who will make me say safeword for the first time"

Oh sweetie. just. oh.

Everyone has limits. Everyone has preferences. And most of all (and this is important) THE GOAL OF KINK IS TO HAVE FUN, NOT TO SAY SAFEWORDS!

A good Domme. A True, trained, sadistic Domme will take you to that edge of "what the fuck" and BRING YOU BACK SAFELY. She will push you there, and then pull you back just before you lose your footing. If you are calling "red" you are playing with the wrong person!

A skilled, trained, experienced Domme KNOWS when you are about to yellow (meaning: back off that's pretty fckn intense) and already has the next hit lined up softer to gently nudge you back to the fun zone. Or release a bind that is at the edge of being "too long". She will use different techniques to build and ease the pain, the torture, the positional pain, or the mind's focus.

My subs get to the point of yellow and then I BRING THEM BACK. So that I can push them to the edge again. It is a dance. Not a sprint. Not a race. Not a stunt.

Anybody can Top. If you want someone to hit you until yo call red, go for it. Find a reckless top who has rudimentary knowledge of how to swing a paddle. or tie a knot.

But if you are truly looking for a Domme, make sure it is one you can trust to take you on the fucking ride of your life! One who knows that your mental limit and your physical limit are NOT the same. And if you want to learn how to take your worshippers on the ride, check out My one-on-pair Top training Sessions. I can show you how to set the scene, read the body, layer your ties, how long it is safe to do all the things and when to pull the fuck back before someone goes to the hospital.

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Miss Kelicious is an author, lifestyle Domina, Professional Dominatrix and relationship/life coach currently located in Calgary, Alberta. Polyamorous, kinky and queer, Miss K is an author, educator and facilitator.

Her kink skills have been honed across North America through workshops, Mentorships and personal training by many well-known Dominatrices and Masters. She seeks excellence in all She does, and favors the edgier side of play.

Born poly, it took a few relationships to tease out society's training of who you "should be" to arrive at who She Is. Skills learned at the feet of masters in Energy Healing, therapists, educators and communication specialists, if you open yourself to Her, you will succeed.

Identifying as Non-Binary Femme, pronouns are She/Her or They/Them.