Open Dungeon YYC

Open Dungeon Vision:


Open Dungeon is a style of play events that a group of us started in San Diego when the 50 Shades effect started trickling through and affecting the scene. It focusses on keeping people safe at a party with skilled, trained and visible Dms that can ensure several aspects of safe play:

  • consent is ensured with over-the-top explicit negotiation;

  • play is as safe as possible regardless of player skill level (implements are used in the proper areas, no broken or damaged toys and techniques avoid harm, like seating testicles before cbt etc);

  • safeword monitoring and scene etiquette are carefully observed;

  • aftercare is provided by designated safe snugglers if you need it; and

  • Open Dungeon does the follow-up the next day for drop and concerns. 

Open Dungeon plans the event. Open dungeon staffs the event. Open Dungeon ensures a safe space. The emphasis is on the kink, not the people. They are smaller scale, hosted in homes so the cost of setting it up is lower and more likely to cover the expenses. Think of it as training wheels for your kink.

As a Venue Host, we bring the party directly to you! All you do is enjoy the event! By providing all the gear, it opens it up for people who would not normally be in a position to host, meaning more play opportunities! All you need is the space.

Open Dungeon play events will be on the second Saturday of every month, covid permitting. If there is a 7-day average daily case count under 500/day and no restrictions on private gathering size, events will be held monthly, with no exception.

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