Miss K
Life and Relationship Coach

Whether you are managing your first foray into a kinky, queer or polyamorous life or hitting bumps and feeling stagnant in your long-term. Singles and couples benefit from Miss K's experience as a kink educator, professional and lifestyle Dominatrix and long-term poly personality. Decades of studying, being mentored and just plain old fucking up have led to a veritable trove of guidance, peace and success. 

Singles 1 hour $100

Singles 4-pack $350


Couples 1 hour $100

Couples 4-pack $350

Certificates in: Life Coach, Mental Health Professional, Relationship Therapist, Mindfulness I, II, III and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavior Therapist (the other CBT!), Anxiety through CBT, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, Menkle Energy Balancing, Edu-K workshop presenter/practitioner, Professional Sadist and many, many more!

Why a Facilitated Polycule?

Every relationship hive is its own ecosystem. All the parts need to work together in order to function. When one relationship is out of sync, everything else is affected. In order to heal the role that is wounded (either self inflicted or externally), all the other aspects of the whole need to come together.